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1. LED Product Quality Assurance

Yuhong Lighting promises to implement strict quality management system control on the design and 
development, manufacturing, inspection, packaging, commissioning and other aspects of LED 
lighting equipment provided in accordance with the management system.


2. LED Lighting Design Effect and Application Assurance

Proactively provide LED lighting design and technical support in the early stage of the project, 
including cooperating with the lighting design consultant and the lighting design project of the 
design institute, and providing relevant lighting design and technical consulting, so as to 
ensure the rationality of the whole lighting design effect and product application.


3. Installation, Commissioning and Project Acceptance of LED Project System

Yuhong Lighting will provide the following services for the LED lamps and systems selected by 
customers: assist in the installation and debugging of the project system, technical guidance, 
project acceptance, etc., and provide relevant technical training according to customer 
requirements to ensure the realization of the whole lighting design effect.

4. Follow-up and Maintenance of Completed Projects

After the completion of the project, the project manager will track the product maintenance and warranty 
within the product maintenance and warranty period. After receiving customer complaints, the maintenance 
work is divided into three levels according to the engineering situation:

Local office engineers provide telephone technical support and primary maintenance for the project;

After serious problems occur in the project, the project system department first provides telephone 
technical support to the dealer (owner) and guides the dealer (owner) to carry out maintenance.

If the problem cannot be solved, the project engineer will be sent to the engineering site for maintenance. 
In principle, the response time is 24 hours and the on-site maintenance time is 48 hours.

5. Warranty and After-sales Service

Ensure the installation, use and maintenance of the provided LED lighting equipment is normal. The warranty period of Yuhong Lighting’s products will be clearly stipulated in the contract. 
During the warranty period, if the lamps and lanterns are damaged due to the quality of LED lighting equipment or materials, Yuhong Lighting shall be responsible for repairing or replacing 
the damaged lamps and lanterns free of charge, and the engineering contractor shall provide on-site installation and disassembly services and additional spare parts.

If the quality is damaged outside the warranty period or due to improper use by the customer, the above provisions shall not apply. However, Yuhong Lighting has the responsibility to assist 
in handling and solving the problem. The product shall be maintained for life and the material cost shall be appropriately charged.