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1 billion yuan to build Hangzhou City landscape lighting project National lighting industry people gathered in Hangzhou

1 billion yuan to build Hangzhou City landscape lighting project National lighting industry people gathered in Hangzhou

Industry news
2019/05/13 17:01
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Since the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the beautiful night lights have become a new business card for the city of Hangzhou. Watching the West Lake during the day and enjoying the night view at night is already the standard route for visiting Hangzhou. A few days ago, the national lighting industry gathered in the Hangzhou G20 Summit Lighting Construction Achievements Seminar to share the lighting renovation experience of the G20 Hangzhou Summit and explore the changes brought by the lighting project to Hangzhou.
     According to Zhang Ping, director of the Lighting Management Center of the Hangzhou City Management Committee, during the G20 Hangzhou Summit, there were 172 landscape lighting projects in the city, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. The core urban landscape lighting is centered on the three core areas of the West Lake, the canal and the Qiantang River. 33 main entrances are the main nodes, and 54 main cities are the main lines, which are created by the “beading and chaining” approach. A city landscape lighting system with clear levels, outstanding emphasis, appropriate shade, and dynamic integration. The lighting project is a project to benefit the people, greatly improving the quality of life of Hangzhou residents, and also driving the development of the Hangzhou night tour economy.
     As the main design of the landscape renovation and upgrading of the core city of G20 Summit in Hangzhou, Shen Yu, deputy dean of Zhejiang Chengjian Garden Design Institute Co., Ltd. introduced the impression of the lighting renovation project of the canal. In order not to affect the lives of the surrounding residents, we did not demolish. Dajian, but chose to upgrade and optimize on the basis of the original lighting, using light micro-innovative way to emphasize more than 30 nodes such as Qingyuan Bridge, Royal Wharf, Fuyi Cang, and Qiaoxi Historic District.
     At the same time, as the behind-the-scenes lighting engineer of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, Binhe Environmental Construction Group has undertaken dozens of lighting projects, including the lighting upgrade project of the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Tang Lizhong, chairman of Binhe Environmental Construction Group, said that the project was not only tight, but also difficult to construct, and there were high security requirements, but the team finally completed the task in a quality and quantity within 20 days. He emphasized the importance of lighting maintenance at the scene and called on the relevant departments to pay attention to the follow-up maintenance of lighting.
     The event was co-sponsored by China Lighting Society, Zhejiang Lighting Association, Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association, Yangguang Media and Shenzhen Juhui Lighting Information Service Co., Ltd., Binhe Environmental Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Galaxy Lighting International Limited Co-organized by the company.