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Talking about: What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting engineering channels?

Talking about: What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting engineering channels?

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2019/05/13 17:03
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When it comes to engineering channels, in the traditional era, everyone will remember the traditional brands such as Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, NVC Lighting, GE, Philips, Thorne and Cooper. In the LED era, the most frequently talked about in the circle is the diligence. There are only a handful of emerging companies such as Shanghai Lighting and Hunan Zhengyang. In fact, for engineering channels, the scope is very wide. Two examples are given: 1. Lamps can become engineering due to the renovation of parking lots, large supermarkets, and office buildings. Project products; 2, ceiling lamps become engineering products because of the needs of real estate stairwells, balconies, hardcover rooms; therefore, from light sources to lamps, from the outdoors to the city, even crystal lamps, marble lamps have their engineering operations The characteristics of the square, park, river bank, building exterior wall and other lighting projects are engineering, stadium lighting is engineering, airport, tunnel, bridge, road lighting is engineering, factory mine, dock, power station lighting is engineering, hotels, shopping malls, real estate is Engineering, CBD office building, government administrative building, finance, finance, taxation, education, medical system, etc.; engineering projects around the building can be engineering channels Part of the key is how to segment and define;
     For the lighting industry, the projects generally refer to several relatively mainstream projects such as lighting, roads, offices, venues, hotels, shopping malls, schools, etc.; their product lines are generally summarized by outdoor lighting, office lighting, and commercial lighting. For the operation characteristics of the engineering channel, it is generally required to have a more professional product line, and have excellent technical and service capabilities. Enterprises or dealers with rich experience in engineering operation can be competent; this is related to the fire safety, use environment, use period, etc. of the project. Technical review is related to the high requirements for luminaires, especially in some major projects. Lighting engineering in the traditional era, generally manufacturers with the dealers to achieve together, only a very small number of such as the Olympics, World Expo, National Games, etc. because of the high requirements of tendering and direct cooperation with manufacturers; and to the LED era, because the provincial capitals and The first-tier cities are all over the government-supported LED enterprises. This type can be called “dry sons” or “princes”. Because the channel construction is weak, and there are specific priorities and care, the projects are generally based on factory direct supply. At present, it is mainly reflected in outdoor projects and municipal renovation projects; therefore, the pace of engineering channels of mainstream brands has been continuously squeezed and suppressed in recent years, at least in the next few years, too many non-marketing behaviors force some enterprises to work in engineering. The channel construction is a little bit, and recently in the frugal environment, the budget and investment of municipal engineering projects will greatly affect outdoor and construction projects. More enterprises with engineering channels will squeeze into hotels, shopping malls and real estate that are mainly private businesses. Commercial lighting, such as shops, etc.
     Doing a private business, less complicated relationships, more excellent quality and professional services, and a small number of companies with core technology and high value-added services may feel a little gratified from some professional projects; More than 70% of the mass users, high cost performance is still the focus of attention, the industry's brutal competition has brought more choices to the owners; of course, the impact of e-commerce on engineering and retail channels is not a problem. I believe that it will not take long for a large number of lighting practitioners who are fighting for survival due to homogenization, and soon forced the engineering channel to become the second streaking channel after the circulation of wholesale channels;
     Some people think that because of the inherent operational characteristics of engineering channels, the required technical strength and public relations are different, and there is relatively little competition for intervention. Therefore, it is a piece of “fat” in the lighting industry; The risks and pressures will be much larger than the normal circulation and retail channels! The battlefield of lighting, because of the different functions and needs of the building, the deep line of its product line will be very long, only some intelligent control lighting, Relatively unpopular areas such as hotel lighting, stadium lighting, industrial lighting, museum lighting, etc. may have the definition of “fat meat”; in fact, the engineering channel is also a very mainstream killing battlefield, but the terrain is different, the required arms are different, weapons It’s different, and the tactics that are developed accordingly are different.