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Urban night lighting should pay more attention to functional lighting

Urban night lighting should pay more attention to functional lighting

Industry news
2019/05/13 17:13
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At the 2014 APEC meeting, Beijing's night scene lighting did not have too many fancy decorations. It was simple and generous, making people feel very comfortable. This night scene lighting has no other highlights except the atmosphere.
    In this APEC meeting, I adhered to the concept of thrift and energy saving. Therefore, I did not design too much exterior lighting. Instead, I used the light-transparent lighting design method appropriately, using the lighting design effect of the interior of the building. Create a beautiful view of Beijing at night. In this regard, lighting design experts said that some beautiful urban night scenes, many of which are expressed through the form of internal transparency, through such color rendering, more simple and atmospheric.
    Some people think that night lighting should make people feel peaceful, comfortable, quiet and soft, but some urban lighting projects make people feel dry. According to experts in lighting design, some cities put night scenes. Lighting has become a place of entertainment. This way is actually very earthy. Just like a city like Beijing, it is necessary to highlight comfort, stability and atmosphere. From the current point of view, Beijing's night scene lighting is considered to be relatively introverted in China, and it will not be as noisy as other cities. This also reflects the introversion and connotation of a capital.
    Some urban lighting projects tend to pay too much attention to the effects of lighting design, but the functional lighting of the city has not been well realized. How to balance the relationship between the two? Lighting design experts pointed out that the basis of urban night lighting should be Functional lighting, buildings in many areas are bright, but the road lighting on the side has not achieved the effect of lighting, so it has not reached the fundamental purpose of urban lighting project.
    Nowadays, many people think about the issue of energy saving. Therefore, there is a lot of controversy about night lighting, because urban lighting requires a lot of energy, but on the other hand, for a city, night lighting is Reflecting the symbol of a city's prosperity, can night lighting be able to achieve energy saving and gorgeous coexistence? Night lighting can indeed reflect the prosperity of a region, but gorgeous should be adequate, excessively gorgeous will increase energy consumption. Experts in lighting design suggest that urban lighting projects should best distinguish between weekday and holiday lighting modes. In this way, energy conservation and gorgeousness can coexist.