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Jiangxi Guangfeng Yongli Hotel Lighting Project

Jiangxi Guangfeng Yongli Hotel Lighting Project

Guangfeng Yongli International Hotel is located on the bank of Fengxi River in Guangfeng County. Facing the Moon Rabbit Plaza, the location is excellent and the traffic is very convenient. The main building is 16 stories high and one floor. The building is unique in shape and has a European color. It is one of the landmark buildings in Guangfeng County.
After many aspects of communication with customers, with LED floodlights and LED wall washer products in various aspects, compared with several manufacturers, LED light efficiency and brightness are quite good, the golden color is relatively pure, and finally with Yuhong Lighting Signing a contract, Yuhong Lighting has stood out from many outstanding LED competitors and is proud to be the supplier of lighting fixtures for Wynn Hotel.