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Yī tōng hé liàng huà xiàngmù 7/5000 Yitong River Lighting Project

Yī tōng hé liàng huà xiàngmù 7/5000 Yitong River Lighting Project


Yitong River Bridge is located in the urban area of Changchun, across the thousand-year ancient stream on the Changchun Plain---Yitong River. In the design, we are considering the lighting of the bridge, while emphasizing the waterscape lighting to reflect the level of beauty of the bridge. In the process of creating the atmosphere of the waterscape lighting design, the combination of dynamic and static techniques, the flowing lines and the dotted point light source form a clear light belt at night, and the plane or right angle of the bridge pier, bridge and bridge roof. Directly select the special-shaped light-emitting luminaires for LED lighting engineering lighting for local processing, accent lighting, and carefully illuminate the theme, highlighting the theme: Yitong River's “Pulp Sounds” water culture. The floodlighting effect of the entire lighting fixture is soft and avoids light pollution.