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Myanmar Century Garden Hotel Lighting Project

Myanmar Century Garden Hotel Lighting Project

Century Garden Hotel is a 5 star international hotel in Myanmar. It is designed according to the unique lighting design style of the hotel. The outline is simple, the color is bright and the image is vivid. We will light the night view of the hotel. The design is positioned in the perfect combination of the concepts of “prosperity and ecology” and “fashion and taste”. Not only restore the original structure of the building, but also through the reasonable natural and eye-catching lights, it can fully and perfectly achieve this "fish and water blending" scene.
After many aspects of communication with Yunnan Song, and various aspects of product tuning, because Song always pays more attention to this project, but also to find a manufacturer with good quality and brand, LED line light, LED wall washer, LED The most important products such as floodlights are waterproof and light decay problems, and product technology problems. After many aspects of comparison, Yuhong Lighting has better conditions in all aspects. Yuhong Lighting also pays more attention to product quality. In fact, after the professional sense of the Yuhong technicians and meticulous technical requirements, and finally reached a partnership with Yuhong Lighting, Yuhong Lighting stood out from many outstanding LED competitors and was honored to become the lighting project of the Century Garden Hotel in Myanmar. Lighting supplier. It is precisely because of the unremitting efforts of Yuhong employees that Yuhong has established a competitive advantage in a series of major application cases in recent years, especially in the application of lighting engineering lamps, Yuhong Lighting has been working hard.