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Meihekou City-Yuguange Lighting Project

Meihekou City-Yuguange Lighting Project

Meihekou City is 271 kilometers away from Changchun, the provincial capital, and 120 kilometers away from Tonghua City. It is located at the intersection of Shenji and Changtong. It is one of the important transportation hubs in the southeast of Jilin Province and an important transportation hub in the Northeast.
      Yuguan Pavilion is located in the center of Meihekou City, facing the Meihe Bridge. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient. The building area is 903.235 square meters, the building height is 38.94 meters, and the 5th floor is covered with a reinforced concrete frame structure. It is one of the landmark buildings in Meihekou City. Yuhong Lighting has completed a set of lighting effects schemes for the entire project. Through LED floodlights, LED wall washers, and LED point light sources, the entire building is illuminated. The overall lighting project has a clear layering effect, and the primary and secondary are obvious, highlighting the classical architecture itself. specialty.