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Yunnan Bohai Square Lighting Project

Yunnan Bohai Square Lighting Project

Menghai County, Yunnan Province is the hometown of the famous Pu'er Tea and the earliest place of Chinese tea production. It has a wild "Tea Tree King" 1700 years ago and a group of ancient tea trees. The four seasons are suitable for rice growth and are rich in high-quality rice. It has been called "Southern Granary" since ancient times and is a national grain production base and sugar base.
Bohai Square is a landmark building in the country. Its architectural shape is rich in national characteristics, its location is superior, and its transportation is convenient. It is the main place for people to relax. The whole project from design to product and on-site construction guidance are all provided by Yuhong Lighting. Pay attention to implementation while avoiding damage to building performance materials, paying attention to the beauty of the night scene and paying attention to the beauty of the daylight. The exterior wall lighting project mainly uses yellow and white light as the main color. The shape of the ancient building is outlined on the edge of the eaves of the ancient building through the LED outline lamp ditch. In the aisle outside the building, the LED white light wall washer is used to brighten the handrail. The area; the overall lighting engineering effect is well-defined, the primary and secondary are obvious, highlighting the characteristics of the classical architecture itself.