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Qinghuan County, Gansu Province

Qinghuan County, Gansu Province

The ancient name of Qingyi County is the hometown of Chinese red dates. It is a famous old revolutionary area, known as the “Hometown of Red Dates”, “Hometown of Taoism”, “Hometown of Stone Slabs” and “Hometown of Noodles”.
The completion of the night scenes of the prosperous streets and municipal administrative units in Qingyi County, Gansu, has aroused widespread concern among local citizens. And quickly increased the number of people who traveled at night in the evening, reaching one of the topics that people talked about after dinner. Such a sensation has to be attributed to the satisfaction of the night scene effect and the fact that the installation progress is so fast.
The whole project is mainly based on golden light, which sets off the brilliant witness of the whole county. Yuhong Lighting completes a set of lighting effects schemes for the whole county, through LED flood light, LED wall washer, LED digital, LED point light source, and ,The axis of the night view of the whole city connects the four major themes of commercial tourism, ecological settlement, urban construction, and Han Yunwenfeng, giving the city a undulating and rhythmic rhythm and clear and characteristic lighting performance. .