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  • 01: Product Name: High Power LED Spotlight
  • 02: power:16*1W /18-24*1W /24-36*1W
  • 03: Applicable life:50000 hours
  • 04: Light source:Default wafer chip (or to be customized: Puri, CREE, Osram, Philips, etc.)
  • 05: Number of beads:16、18、24、36PCS
  • 06: Single-bead power:1W/2W
  • 07: LED color:RGB,RGBW,R G B W Y
  • 08: Color effect:Chase, running water, 256 grayscale, full color, monochrome
Product description

Product specification




16*1W /18-24*1W /24-36*1W

Applicable life

50000 hours

Light source

Default wafer chip (or to be customized: Puri, CREE, Osram, Philips, etc.) 

Number of beads


Single-bead power


LED color


Color effect

Chase, running water, 256 grayscale, full color, monochrome

Beam angle


LED drive mode

350mA 600mA Constant current drive

Protection grade


Safety class

DC24V Class III AC220V Class I

Power line

DC24V 2*1.0mm² Cable

Power line

AC220V 3*1.0mm² Cable

Signal line

5*0.75 mm²Box to pin

Control mode

DMX512 control

Ambient temperature


Product dimensions

See drawing

Outer material

High precision aviation aluminum + tempered glass

Luminous flux


Operating temperature

-20- +60°

Drive mode

Built-in high power constant current power supply

Dimming allowed or not

Bracket adjustment

Outlet mode

Bottom outlet (stainless steel waterproof screw)

Suitable place

Outdoor building advertising, highway bridges, garden landscapes


Note: This section can be used in combination (2/4/6/8/10) according to engineering requirements.


►Precautions before installation

Unpack and carefully inspect the product, please take it lightly;

If any damage is found in the product, please keep the product packaging and report it to the customer in time;

Please do not try to use a damaged product;

The installation of the product must be a licensed professional electrician;

Non-professionals are advised not to dismantle or repair, and our company has the right to refuse to replace or repair the products that have been dismantled or repaired.


►Installation steps

Please disconnect the power before installation, and it is strictly forbidden to operate during the installation process;

Open two holes of the same size as the screw holes on the physical product bracket at the place where they need to be installed, and install the screws;

Adjust the angle of the lamp body according to the angle of the light that needs to illuminate the object, and fix the lamp body;

Wiring, connect the brown wire left on the side of the lamp to the positive pole of the power supply, and the blue wire to the negative pole of the power supply.

After confirming that the connection is correct, the power supply is turned on to work normally.



In order to ensure the normal operation of the product, please use the voltage within the lamp's label voltage range;

Please follow the correct installation steps to install the product;

When installing or removing the product, please disconnect the power of the lamp to avoid the risk of leakage.



If it is not the cause of the operation, please confirm whether the following reasons are caused. If the method is followed, the problem cannot be solved. Please stop using and contact a qualified electrician or contact the manufacturer directly.

A: Does the luminaire not illuminate after the power is turned on?

Disconnect the power supply. Check if the power cord of the lamp is well wired to the power supply (or mains) and the power supply is good.

B: Good wiring is still not working?

Have a qualified electrician check if the power supply voltage of the luminaire is lower than the rated voltage of the luminaire itself.


►Maintenance precautions

Be sure to turn off the power before cleaning the lamp;

Please do not use cosmetic items or corrosive things for cleaning.


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